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Get ready to showcase your carpentry skills and sense of humor with our Carpenter Hourly Rate T-Shirt! Made from comfortable cotton, this vibrant orange t-shirt features a graphic design of a carpenter's toolbox, complete with the words "CARPENTER" and "HOURLY RATE." Embrace the laughter as you read the hilarious list of prices below, starting at $100/hr and increasing for every condition. Whether you're a professional carpenter or simply appreciate the craftsmanship, this t-shirt is a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Let's dive deeper into the meaning behind the graphic design and quote on our Carpenter Hourly Rate T-Shirt. This cleverly crafted t-shirt serves as both a statement of pride for carpenters and an amusing commentary on their profession.

The graphic design itself features a striking black silhouette of a carpenter's toolbox, instantly recognizable by those in the trade. Placed prominently above the toolbox are the words "CARPENTER" and "HOURLY RATE," making it clear that this t-shirt celebrates the skilled individuals who make a living through their woodworking expertise.

But what makes this t-shirt truly unique is the list of prices displayed below the toolbox. Starting at $100/hr, the prices increase by $25/hr for each condition mentioned. These conditions, presented in a playful font, add a touch of humor to the t-shirt. They highlight situations in which carpenters might charge higher hourly rates, reflecting the specialized skills and effort required for certain tasks.

The first condition, "If you watch," pokes fun at the idea that even simply observing a carpenter's work deserves a higher price tag. This amusing notion speaks to the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that carpenters bring to their projects.

The second condition, "If you help," recognizes the added complexity that arises when working alongside others. It humorously suggests that the more hands involved, the higher the hourly rate should be to compensate for the coordination and potential challenges that arise.

The third condition, "If you worked on it first," acknowledges that fixing or finishing someone else's work is often more demanding and time-consuming. By implying a higher rate, this condition highlights the expertise required to remedy and improve upon existing carpentry projects.

Lastly, the fourth condition, "If you tell me how to do my job," playfully hints at the frustration carpenters may encounter when facing unsolicited advice or micromanagement from clients. By suggesting an increased rate for such situations, this condition emphasizes the value of a carpenter's knowledge and experience.

Together, the graphic design and quote on our Carpenter Hourly Rate T-Shirt encapsulate the essence of the profession while eliciting smiles and laughter. It serves as a tribute to the hardworking carpenters who bring their skill, creativity, and problem-solving abilities to every project.

Whether you're a professional carpenter proudly displaying your trade or someone who appreciates the wit and humor of this design, this t-shirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Crafted from comfortable cotton, it ensures both style and comfort as you go about your day. Wear it proudly, and let the world know that you appreciate the artistry and dedication that come with being a carpenter.

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Machine wash cold    
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No bleach    


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