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This neon green t-shirt with a blue skull graphic design is perfect for HVAC techs who want to showcase their pride and humor. With the words "HVAC TECH HOURLY RATE" boldly displayed, this shirt clearly conveys the message that these skilled workers charge top dollar for their expertise. The skull and crossbones graphic adds a touch of edginess, while the witty and self-deprecating lines below the skull highlight the various hourly rates based on the level of involvement. From $100/hour minimum to a whopping $500/hour if you dare mention seeing it on the internet, this t-shirt captures the essence of HVAC techs' value and humor in one stylish piece.

This neon green t-shirt with its striking blue skull graphic design is a humorous yet poignant representation of the HVAC technician profession. The shirt makes a bold statement with the words "HVAC TECH HOURLY RATE" printed prominently across the chest, immediately garnering attention and establishing the theme of the garment.

The skull and crossbones graphic, a classic symbol of danger and resilience, serves as an iconic representation of the profession's toughness and challenging nature. It conveys the message that HVAC technicians deal with high-stakes situations daily, requiring the utmost skill and expertise. The juxtaposition of the skull against the neon green background creates a visually striking contrast, catching the eye and drawing in potential buyers.

But it's the text below the skull that truly adds a touch of brilliance and humor to this design. With a series of lines, each representing a different scenario, the shirt playfully showcases the various hourly rates charged by HVAC techs. Starting with a minimum rate of $100 per hour, the rates progressively increase based on the level of involvement. It humorously suggests that if someone merely watches, the rate jumps to $150 per hour. If they lend a helping hand, the rate climbs to $200 per hour. If they have worked on the equipment themselves prior, the rate increases to $250 per hour. And if someone dares to provide unsolicited advice, the rate skyrockets to $300 per hour. The ultimate humorous climax is reached with a staggering rate of $500 per hour, but only if someone mentions finding the rate on the internet.

Through this clever list of rates, the shirt encapsulates the common experiences and challenges faced by HVAC techs while poking fun at the misconceptions and interactions they encounter on the job. It highlights the value of their expertise and the undeniable fact that their skilled labor deserves to be compensated accordingly. The humor and self-deprecation incorporated into the design not only appeal to HVAC professionals but also resonate with a broader audience who can appreciate the wit and relatability of this shirt.

Crafted from a comfortable cotton blend fabric, this t-shirt features short sleeves, a crew neckline, and a fitted silhouette. It provides a casual and trendy look suitable for various occasions, from work environments to social gatherings. Whether you wear it proudly as an HVAC tech or as a supporter of skilled labor, this neon green t-shirt with its bold graphic design and clever quote serves as a conversation starter and a unique expression of individuality.

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Machine wash cold    
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