CNA Profession T-Shirt | Full of Sarcasm and Profanity | Blue-Collar Worker Apparel #030922profa1fcnaap

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Get ready to make a bold statement with this CNA profession t-shirt! Made with a soft and comfortable fabric, this unisex t-shirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The graphic design features a simple yet striking quote that says "Forget sugar and spice, this t-shirt is full of sarcasm and profanity." With its bold black font and centered placement, this t-shirt demands attention. Wear it proudly and get ready to spark conversations wherever you go.

Express your unique sense of humor and passion for the nursing profession with this eye-catching CNA profession t-shirt. Crafted with comfort in mind, this unisex t-shirt is made from a soft and breathable fabric, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout the day.

Standing out from the crowd, the graphic design on this t-shirt speaks volumes. The quote boldly declares, "Forget sugar and spice, this t-shirt is full of sarcasm and profanity." This powerful message encapsulates the spirit of CNAs who navigate the challenging world of healthcare with a healthy dose of wit and humor.

The quote on this t-shirt serves as a playful reminder that being a CNA is about more than just sweetness and light. It showcases the resilience and quick thinking required in this demanding profession. Whether you're an experienced CNA or just starting your journey, this t-shirt allows you to express your personality and share a common bond with fellow CNAs.

The graphic design itself is simple and straightforward, with the text printed in a bold, black font. The central placement and large size of the text ensure that the message is easily read and understood by those around you. The thin, black border surrounding the text adds a touch of elegance and further draws attention to the impactful words.

This versatile t-shirt is suitable for both men and women, making it a great choice for anyone in the CNA profession. Its unisex design allows you to showcase your CNA pride and connect with others who share your passion. Whether you're wearing it to work, a social event, or just around town, this t-shirt is guaranteed to spark conversations and generate smiles.

The combination of comfort, style, and humor make this CNA profession t-shirt a must-have for any blue-collar worker in the USA. Its unique design is an excellent way to showcase your personality while asserting your professional identity. So why wait? Add this exceptional t-shirt to your collection and let the world know that you are proud to be a CNA, unapologetically full of sarcasm and ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

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Cotton Fabric

It is made of 100% cotton which makes it ultra breathable and super lightweight.

Round Neckline

This tee offers a classic round neckline without being too high. Perfect to show off your clavicle.

Different occasions

Suitable for daily wear and any occasions, such as work, dating, travel, and so on. It can be paired with jeans, leggings or a skirt.

Product details:
Material: 100% cotton, or composition (96% cotton, 4% spandex)

Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color and size of the item may be slightly different from the visual image.